We love Northside


She Speaks Northside events reflect our values of professionalism, acceptance and inclusiveness, fun, learning and collaboration and love of northside.

Professionalism – We bring event management skills and the desire to pay attention to the finest of details so as to create a welcoming space for everyone.

Acceptance and inclusiveness – If you would expect an LGBTI event in the north to embrace the values of acceptance and inclusiveness, you’d be right. But what can you expect that to look like? Everyone’s welcome and we expect our attendees to be welcoming to each other, however and in whichever way we define our LGBTI-selves.

Fun – As someone said about laughter; “I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.” She Speaks Northside intends to produce Melbourne events that are that much fun.

Learning – Our Melbourne events are designed to bring the best and the brightest from and for our LGBTI northside community. We will share information and generate ideas that enhance ourselves, our lives; our relationships.

Collaboration – An event for northside LGBTI women and their friends wouldn’t be rounded out without collaborating with local venues, organisations, small business owners and our community. We love living northside and intend for each Melbourne event to have a decidedly northern flavour.

Contact us to nominate your venue for our next local community event. We love northside.